Collection: Control

A typical KissBox based control system consists of one or more KissBoxes, a network and a controller running control-software. The control-software can be any type of 3rd party IP based software or hardware. A KissBox can be configured to work with many TCP or UDP based IP control protocols (e.g RTP-MIDI, ArtNet, Telnet). 3rd party applications can also utilise the simple KISS-protocol to communicate with the KissBox.

KissBox also provides an excellent solution for “pipelining” protocols like Midi, Smpte, DMX or even ContactClosure-data across your network in a Peer-To-Peer fashion as the transceivers are capable of exchanging data with each other without the need of Computers or other types of controllers.

KissBoxes are installed and configured using the Editor software. The KissBox Editor software, running on either Windows or Mac platforms, can also be used to monitor the status of a KissBox, even if the box is being controlled by other software running on either the same or a different machine thus providing “live” exam and monitoring information of your control network set-up.

Another feature of the KissBox control transceivers is the compliance with the IEEE802.3af – PoE (Power over Ethernet) standard. This means the KissBoxes are powered via their Ethernet connection.