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[AI8RA] Analog Input 8 Card

[AI8RA] Analog Input 8 Card

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Analog Input 8 Card [AI8RA]

The Analog Input 8 channel RAtiometric converter card provides 8 analog ratiometric inputs.

The AI8RA is designed for use with the IO3CC or IO8CC and can be combined with any other IO card in these units. Control of the inputs can be done with simple UDP/TCP-IP command-strings, Artnet or RTP-MIDI commands.

Main applications: Potentiometers, Analog Voltage Detection, and Sensors.

  • Resolution: 8 bits
  • Sampling rate:
  • Voltage reference available on pin #1
  • Input voltage range: 0 to 5 VDC
  • Input voltage protection: ±30 VDC
  • No Isolation with the backplane

Click here for the AI8RA Data Sheet

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