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[CM-MIDI2] Compact RTP-MIDI transceiver with USB

[CM-MIDI2] Compact RTP-MIDI transceiver with USB

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Compact RTP-MIDI transceiver with USB [CM-MIDI2]

The CM-MIDI2  integrates both the powerful RTP-Midi implementation of our MIDI2TR professional transceiver, and the USB-Midi communication standard encountered on many musical products. The CM-MIDI2 is ideal for musical applications where high speed communication between USB and Ethernet RTP-Midi is needed.

The CM-MIDI2 acts as a gateway between the three available Midi interfaces, any Midi stream fed into one interface can be re- distributed to any of the two other interfaces. For example, Midi received on Midi IN DIN connector can be sent both to Ethernet RTP-Midi and USB.

The Ethernet RTP-Midi interface of the CM-MIDI2 can be used directly with Apple Macintosh and Windows computers. It manifests itself as a standard Midi interface, available for Midi software like Sequencers, Digital Audio Workstations, SYSEX Editor/librarians, etc…

The USB interface of the CM-MIDI2 is fully « class-compliant » and it is recognised as a standard Midi interface by Mac OS, Windows and even by iOS products ( iPhone, iPad, iPod ). Compared to other USB-Midi interfaces, the CM-MIDI2 fully unleashes the communication bandwidth between devices, since RTP-Midi offers 300x more bandwidth than Midi 1.0 interfaces.

And of course, the CM-MIDI2 can be controlled directly by any other Ethernet RTP-Midi device, like a master keyboard or DAW controller, without the need of involving a computer in the network path.

More information on the RTP-MIDI protocol standard is available on Wikipedia

  • Ultra-compact ruggedised design (aluminium alloy), ideal for live/stage applications
  • Fully compliant with the RTP-Midi open protocol
  • USB-Midi class compliant
  • Full speed USB interface
  • Both USB and RTP-Midi interfaces are recognised as standard Midi interfaces by Windows, Mac OS and iOS
  • Plug&Play using Apple’s Bonjour protocol
  • “Session initiator” functionality, for direct peer to peer application with iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) over WiFi
  • Supports both peer-to-peer and computer controlled communication
  • Inter-operable with any other RTP-Midi product
  • Powered by USB charger

    • Dimensions (WxHxD):  3.38’’ x 1.34’’ x 4.17’’  (86mm x 34.2 mm x 106mm)
    • Weight:  0.546 Lbs  (0.248 Kg)
    • Power Supply:   USB – 5W / DC 5V-1A / AC 110 ~ 230 V
    • Power Consumption:  3W (Max.)
    • Heat dissipation:  7 BTU
    • Operating Temperature:  +32°F ~ +131°F (0°C ~ +55°C) /  10% ~ 90% / non-condensing humidity

    CM-MIDI Dimensional Drawing

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